Happening from the 10th November 2020 to 18th November 2020

The contents of the ‘Flight for Birders’, ‘Flight Higher’ and ‘The Secret Life of Raptors’ courses by Dr Anton Odendal have been adapted for several shorter courses each consisting of five individual one-hour sessions. These are being presented online via Zoom and can be enjoyed in the comfort of your home. THE SUMMER MIGRANTS online course is aimed at celebrating the majority of migratory birds that visit southern Africa during summer months. Resident species that could possibly be confused with these migrants will also be featured and potentially confusing identification characteristics will be illustrated. The text used during the course will be included in basic course notes to be forwarded to all participants before the course starts. The course will assist participants to appreciate the birds that visit out shores in summer even more.

The course contents and dates of presentation are as follows:
TUESDAY 10 NOVEMBER 19h00 SESSION 1: “The Art of Deception” – Celebrating CUCKOOS and some other BROOD PARASITIC FAMILIES 

WEDNESDAY 11 NOVEMBER 19h00 SESSION 2: The epic migratory flight of AMUR FALCONS and basic keys to the identification of the MIGRATORY BIRDS OF PREY

THURSDAY 12 NOVEMBER 19h00 SESSION 3: Basic keys on the identification of SWALLOWS, SWIFTS AND MARTINS in your area / Basic keys on the identification of TERNS in your area 

TUESDAY 17 NOVEMBER 19h00 SESSION 4: Basic keys on the identification of the WADERS in your area 

WEDNESDAY 18 NOVEMBER 19h00 SESSION 5: How to prepare when planning to bird in a new area during summer – A case-study of the other summer migrants of the KRUGER NATIONAL PARK. 

COURSE: South Africa’s Summer Migrants
DATES: 10, 11 & 12 November & 17 and 18 November – all at 19h00
FORMAT: The course is presented online via Zoom – If required participants will be assisted to be able to take part using Zoom
COSTS: R 300.00 per person for the course or R 100.00 per individual session. 

REGISTRATION: Contact Elaine at or WhatsApp at 082 455 8402 or Anton at or WhatsApp at 082 550 3347 to register or to obtain more information.

NOTE: Gift vouchers to attend the course are available – an ideal gift for budding birders.

























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