Happening from the 3rd August 2019 to 4th August 2019

A bird identification course for novice and intermediate bird-watchers:
Fishhoek Athletics Club, Fishhoek
3 &4 August 2019
BirdLife Overberg’s drive to expose more people to the wonderful world of birds and bird-watching moves to the southern peninsula on 3 & 4 August – the Flight for Birders 2019 identification & conservation course will be presented. The course has been revised completely for presentation to people interested in nature conservation and the younger generation. It now consists of equal thirds of bird identification, birding tourism and conservation issues with emphasis on how ordinary bird-watchers could become involved in birds and birding conservation actions. The course now also includes details of BirdLife Overberg’s CleanMarine coastal conservation campaigns and several other critical conservation issues in the Western Cape region. The Secretarybird is also celebrated as BirdLife South Africa’s bird of the year. 

People working in the tourism and conservation industries, as well as novice and more experienced bird-watchers should be encouraged to participate. The costs of the course include coffee and tea, a practical outing, basic notes and a certificate endorsed by BirdLife South Africa. Gift vouchers to attend the course are available – an ideal gift for budding birders.


DAY 1: Saturday 3 August
(Kindly note that short breaks will be taken on the hour).
08h30 to 09h00: Registration

09h00 to 10h00: INTRODUCTION ON GETTING THE MOST OUT OF BIRDING – How does one start flying with these beautiful creatures? 

10h00 to 10h15: Tea

10h15 to 11h45: For the love of one’s GARDEN BIRDS – Getting to know the birds that one will see most often.

11h45 to 12h30: GARDENING FOR BIRDS – Attracting birds and other wildlife to one’s garden.

12h30 to 13h00: Lunch

13h00 to 14h15: Masters of the skies – The BIRDS OF PREY of the region

14h15 to 14h30: What type of bird of prey is that flying over me?

14h30 to 15h30: How to prepare when planning to bird in a new area – a case-study of birding in the KRUGER NATIONAL PARK 

African Penguins
Ground Woodpecker












DAY 2: Sunday 4 August
08h45 to 09h00: Coffee and tea

09h00 to 10h15: Are “LITTLE BROWN JOBS” really that bad? What they lose in colour they gain in brilliant display flights and resilient behaviour.

10h15 to 10h30: Tea

10h30 to 11h00: Where does one find those special birds in one’s area? Illustrating how to use the various BIRDFINDER WEB-PAGES.

11h00 to 11h30: The regional bird-watching brag session – The BEST BIRDING SPOTS and where to look for those special endemic birds.

11h30 to 12h00: The art of deception – celebrating the BROOD PARASITES and their hosts. (On the tricks that cuckoos, whydahs and honeyguides are up to).

12h00 to 12h30: Conservation case-studies part 1
• The Dyer Island Conservation Trust: Working towards saving AFRICAN PENGUINS
• BirdLife South Africa's ALBATROSS Task Force: Saving seabirds.

12h30 to 13h00: Lunch

13h00 to 13h30: Conservation case-studies part 2
• BirdLife Overberg’s CLEANMARINE coastal conservation campaign

13h30 to 14h15: The easiest identification stuff for last – the common waterbirds of your region.

14h15 to 15h00: THE 101 GAME – Getting to know the different families of birds.
15h00+: Closure.

Foraging immature Black Harrier
Ruddy Turnstones









DATES: 3 & 4 August 2019
VENUE: Fishhoek Athletics Club

COSTS: R 600-00 that include the course notes & certificate endorsed by BirdLife South Africa.
Kindly note that gift vouchers for attendance of the course are now also available: an ideal gift for friends and family members interested in nature in general and birds in particular.

Contact Elaine at or 082 455 8402. All further queries could also be forwarded to Elaine.

Mixed terns and gulls














(Images by Anton)


KEVIN SHIELDS (posted: 2019-04-20 17:36:15)
I'd like to book for this course please.
When must payment be made?
LIZ HARRISON (posted: 2019-04-10 20:25:57)
Like to book for June course