Posted on the 3rd February 2018

Dear Anton and Elaine

I wish you all a very prosperous 2018 and may this year bring joy and happiness whilst we observe the beauty of God's creation along our shorelines.

So much support is flowing in and your contribution to the coastal cleanups is huge. I cannot stress the difference it has made to Hoek van die Berg coast. Regular cleanups along the Overstrand will without a doubt add value to a cleaner coast and an awesome hiking experience along pathways that have NO plastic bottles to spoil it.

But the work continues...

I supported the satellite branch of Coastal Cleanup Conservation Trust in Stilbaai last weekend: The Stilbaai Coastal Cleanup and was overjoyed to see the enthusiasm of the locals, including WESSA and tourism of Stilbaai as well as the support from local businesses in this initiative. All thanks to a girl who has taken up the reigns when I did my hike through the area.
Whilst doing the cleanup from Preekstoel into the Marine protected reserve (about 2km) I educated the people of the nesting habits of the White-fronted Plover and lo and behold we saw two birds scuttling along the dune right in front of us. There was a plastic bottle nearby and I explained that it is better to NOT disturb the birds who spend lots of time trying to draw our attention away and it could take 20 minutes to get back to the nest (eggs). By that time the heat would have caused damage to those eggs. It is amazing how uneducated people are.

I then hiked from Jongensfontein to Blombos Reserve, a distance of 14.5km. The plastic debris along that coast is horrific. Similar to Hoek van die Berg when we first started cleaning. Now The Stilbaai group, together with local NSRI and WESSA are planning a major cleanup.

I have been contacted by Somerset West Birdlife club and will be thrilled to give a talk. Thanks Anton, for spreading the word. I am available to do talks anywhere.

On March 23 - 26 I am doing an awareness hike from Harkerville to Storms River with the support of Dr Mark Brown and NVT. This hike will also attempt to raise funds for the Butterfly Foundation in Stanford. They need to build a school for the impaired children and I feel moved to help.

Would you be so kind as to help spread the word? e the attached image herewith.
At the same time, this hike will be an awareness hike, like all the others, to make people aware of the marine debris along our coast. We will attempt to get as many people in the area involved during this weekend's hike.

If you have any Birdlife clubs in Plett, let me know: I will have a talk with them whilst I am there.

My last request: Would you write a endorsement letter for me to hand over to NVT and any Birdlife clubs in Plett?

Best regards

Antonio da Silva-Swart





































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