Posted on the 20th November 2015

Elaine and myself enjoyed lunch with Wilfred and Brenda of DICT at the Great White House yesterday. We were able to exchange ideas on matters of mutual interest and chatted about collaboration in future. Several improvements are being planned at the Great White House and a new building featuring showers for clients coming off the shark dive boats is now approaching completion. Astonishingly the DICT currently employs 82 staff members. It was agreed that staff members of DICT will do a presentation at one of our monthly club meetings in 2016. They will give feedback on progress at the African Penguin and Seabirds Sanctuary (APSS) since the donation that BLO made towards the development of the centre. Club members will also visit APSS during our morning outing to the Danger Point peninsula on Thursday 13 October 2016.

Wilfred then took us to APSS and introduced us to some of the staff and volunteers. A variety of seabirds, gulls and cormorants have already been in rehabilitation and we were very surprised to see the large number of African Penguins (and particularly young ones) that are currently being treated at the centre. APSS certainly represents a huge boost to seabird conservation efforts along our coast and Wilfred and his team should be congratulated with their efforts.

I include a few images taken yesterday.


























































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