Posted on the 24th August 2015

Summary of Appeal sent to Minister Molewa of Department Environmental Affairs (DEA) – CC the Presidency.
Subject - The Karoo’s remote rural wilderness and natural areas are being targeted by mining and energy firms with no cumulative impact assessment
A) Following the surprise announcement of the DEA to approve the EIA for the Murraysburg Ishwati wind farm the Karoo News group and others have Appealed this decision. The Appeal is based on three critical issues 1) The Developer and EIA team appear to have misled the communities and manipulated the EIA process to avoid a cumulative impact assessment of the adjacent Emoyeni Umsinde EIA application 2) There is no cumulative impact assessment taking into account all impacts of all applications in the broader area (uranium, fracking, HV power lines and Renewable Energy) 3) None of the Ishwati specialist studies put the sites location in its correct context which has impacted the outcome of all studies. The correct context is the site is located on the Southern Great Escarpments most important interval the Nelspoort Interval.
B) There are an incredible amount of mining and energy related applications in the Karoo. (see attached map of just one area) . While the DEA has granted a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) for Fracking there is no SEA for the Karoo that will investigate the impact of ALL applications. The Renewable Energy (RE) SEA recently completed by the CSIR favours the developers and does not restrict RE applications and developments and does not consider all impacts or cumulative RE impacts. A request has been sent to the DEA for a immediate Moratorium on all mining and energy applications and developments and that a SEA for the Karoo must be undertaken immediately. This can be a new SEA or the Fracking SEA needs to be expanded to include all impacts/developments.
The people of the Karoo need to understand that the Karoo has been politically sold out to mining and energy developers. The developers are targeting our remote rural unpopulated wilderness areas with very little resistance. We need to stand up and stand together if you don’t want the Karoo to be permanently degraded and turned into a wasteland. Farmers Associations need to take a lead.
An example of what is already happening - we are losing up to 20% of the world’s Ludgwig Bustards every year in the Karoo mainly due to power line collisions.
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