Posted on the 9th June 2014

Dear all,
I am sure you all know that the 2014 Black Eagle breeding season is upon us.
Our first chick of the season has been confirmed hatched; it is the Botrivier pair, that has as before, pipped everyone to the post.
They breed on a cold dank south facing cliff, so it is perhaps not unexpected that they get into gear sooner than most.
I received a call from Eric Pietersen, Kogelberg Nature Reserve Ranger, on the 26th May to say that he was at the cliff and looking down at a tiny white chick on the nest.
Most of our pairs should be on eggs by now, or very close to getting there.
Our pair out at Langebaan also seem to be down on eggs.
Both Mariana Delport on Sunday 1st June and Tony Templer on the 2nd June report seeing an adult sitting on the nest.
Silvermine is still a heart break situation for me.
Despite numerous reports of seeing two Black Eagles in the area, I’m afraid I have been unable to confirm that.
Fortunately we still have (what I think to be) the female around the cliff, refurbishing the nest in the hope of attracting a mate.
Last I heard on the 9th April, Ross Suter reported watching an adult Black Eagle soaring fast across the front of Table Mountain.
Although he did not report seeing any tags, I strongly suspect this could have been the green tagged 2008 Steenbras chick that has been seen in the area on numerous occasions.
So I guess I am trying to say to those of you who live on the peninsula or visit it regularly, to, please keep your eyes peeled and let me know should you see any Black Eagle activity in the area.
Having said that, I am “out of office” from the 7th June to the 20th July, but please do not let that stop you dropping me a line.
I am very good at catching up on emails and will do so upon my return.
I have also, for those of you who might be interested, loaded many interesting pictures from our second Black Eagle nest cam onto my blog:
Kind regards,



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