Posted on the 19th November 2013

Report power line related incidents. . .

An appeal to BirdLife South Africa members and the public
Eskom and the Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT) formalised their long-standing relationship by entering into a partnership in 1996 to address the problem of birds and power lines on a national basis. One of the main activities of the partnership is the maintenance of a national incident register, which monitors the trends in wildlife mortalities on Eskom’s infrastructure. When a mortality is reported, an EWT fieldworker visits the incident location to compile a detailed report. This information is then used by the EWT to develop recommendations for the implementation of solutions, by Eskom, in order to prevent recurring interactions.
The partnership would like to encourage pro-active reporting of potential high-risk areas (areas where wildlife could collide with or get electrocuted by power lines), such as new roosting sites, breeding sites and changes in distribution of wildlife. Reporting of this
information by the public will enable Eskom/EIA consultants/avifauna specialists to make more informed decisions when designing routes for new power lines and mitigate power lines pro-actively in areas of concern.
The partnership is appealing to members of the public and especially members of organisations like BirdLife South Africa to report incidents. The importance of such reporting cannot be emphasised enough and it is vital to put both the EWT and
Eskom in a position where they can act accordingly and remedy the situation.

For more information, please contact Constant Hoogstad on or 082 334 4176
(This article originally appeared in the November 2013 E-newsletter of BirdLife South Africa. Ed.)


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