Posted on the 9th June 2013

(These two interesting notes and images were originally posted on capebirdnet. Images provided by Brian and Trevor. - Ed.)

Hi All,

I cannot find a pic of a sub adult Fulvous Duck which shows a white face. A friend from Ceres has just sent me some pics of a 2 Fulvous Ducks amongst 70 White-faced Ducks on his dam. When I looked at the Fulvous one was adult but one of them has a white face, white highlights on the flanks BUT also has pencil stripes below the white flecks. There was also a faint vertical pencil line behind the eye.

When I looked in my Waterfowl book it showed the female/juv White-faced Duck with the whole head whitish but no white highlights on the flanks.

Anyone know if these 2 whistling ducks hybridise?

Will post the pics on the TBC facebook page for comment.


Brian Vanderwalt

Hi Brian and others,

Fulvous and White-faced Ducks certainly do hybridise. I photographed the individual in the attached photo at Paarl Bird Sanctuary in May 2012 which is clearly a hybrid between the two species and might even be the same individual that is present in the photo that you posted. I’m not sure that the hybrids between these two species always look the same, but our two individuals certainly look very similar.

This particular morning was really one for weird ducks at Paarl as we found a Ferruginous Duck and a Northern Shoveler at the sanctuary on that morning as well...

Kind regards



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