Posted on the 1st January 1970


CHARMAINE MASSEY (posted: 2019-05-22 15:55:34)
Please send me more info on 'chasing pelicans' on Jutten and Malgas Islands. We'd love to experience the bird watching program that we heard about.
Thanks in advance.
Kind regards,
JOHN WILLEMSE (posted: 2013-07-15 22:20:48)
Congrats. This seems an excellent arrangement. You Overbergers keep showing us the way. Beste groete uit Hessequa
SYLVIA LEDGARD (posted: 2013-07-14 14:56:44)
Congratulations to all concerned on this achievement - a great partnership in the making.
DEREK AND MERLE CHALTON (posted: 2013-07-12 17:21:42)
Wonderful new !. Congratulations. Wish the agreement could be for 10 or even 20 years. Three years seems a bit vulnerable in our political climate.