Posted on the 24th September 2012

(This was taken from Mark Anderson's weekly feedback on 21 September. - Ed.)


BirdLife South Africa (Hanneline Smit and Sam Ralston) hosted a renewable energy scoping mission at BirdLife South Africa’s head office on Tuesday. South Africa was visited by three delegates from Washington D.C., representing the Climate Investment Funds and WorldBank, who are undertaking a scoping visit to Turkey, Egypt and South Africa. The meeting was also attended by a representative of the Wildlife Energy Programme (WEP-EWT) and Eskom. At this meeting the environmental responsibility of financiers, when providing the funding for renewable energy developments, was discussed. The ‘The Avian Wind Sensitivity Map’ and the ‘Best Practice Avian Monitoring Guidelines’ were also presented and discussed. On Tuesday our concerns around possible wind farm developments in southern Africa were discussed during a BirdLife South Africa meeting, but also attended by two prominent South African ornithologists. On Thursday Hanneline Smit and Sam Ralston attended a workshop hosted by EWT on the development of a renewable energy brochure for Conservation SA. This brochure will consider both social and environmental aspects of concern at Wind Energy Facility developments, and the meeting was attended by developers, financiers, consultants and the NGO sector. Hanneline Smit and Sam Ralston had an informal meeting with members of the marketing team at Investec (the funder of Sam’s position) on Friday morning.



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