Posted on the 19th September 2012

Hi everyone

Over the past 3 years we have been updating a regional database for Southern Africa Rarity sightings on which has grown to just over 4,500 records from 120 vagrant species to the region. The database is updated with new records GPS'ed in the field or with records from Trevor Hardaker's Rarity reports that are sent out. As far as I can see all vagrant sightings to the region from the past few years from the reports have been added to the database which should provide a fairly complete picture per species.

The aim of the site is to allow birders to see where the most recently seen vagrants in the sub-region are over GoogleMaps and view who recorded them and the Date they were seen on. It is also aimed to keep an up-to-date historical database that can be added to as new vagrants are reported. You can also use the website to view all sightings per species such as Wilson's Phalarope, Golden Pipit or Hudsonian Godwit. To do this, select the vagrant species you wish to see from the "View All Rarities" tab.

Also, if you have seen a vagrant species that is not reflected in the database and would like to help keep the database updated, you can either email the details of the sighting through or add the record to the database using the "Add my Rarity" tab.

Hope this is useful to birders

Kevin Ravno

Southern African Rarity Database


Skype : kevin.ravno




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