Posted on the 4th April 2012

Hi Team SABAP2,

Have a look at this amazing range shift, only made visible because you have helped us collect the data that reveal the pattern. Every single atlas checklist is a piece in the big jigsaw puzzle we are slowly but steadily assembling. This map reveals that the Black Sparrowhawk has not expanded its range into the Western Cape, but rather that the entire range has shifted west --- what has been lost in the east (and north) has been gained in the west! --- this is currently the second item of Latest News on the SABAP2 website (and is archived permanently at -Great achievement, Team SABAP2. Thanks to Ann Koeslag for her commentary on the map, and there is a link to her one-page hypothesis about why this has happened on the website.
Professor Les Underhill


PROF LES UNDERHILL (posted: 2012-04-04)
Hi Teams, Hard on the heels of the news of the retrap of a Black Sparrowhawk last week, and of todays news of the recovery of a ringed Black Sparrowhawk on Ann Koeslag's blog
(, the SABAP2 website reports the overall change of range for this species between SABAP1 and SABAP2.see (archived at --- the extent of the expansion into the Western Cape is striking, as is the loss of range at the other end! Les