Posted on the 15th February 2012

Hi all

Two additional species have been added to the 'special watch' section of the SABAP2 website - Secretarybird and White-bellied Korhaan ( and click on the 'special watch' link on the menu). Both are red-list (threatened) species and form part of intensive BLSA research projects. Dewald du Plessis is coordinating the White-bellied Korhaan project and Ernst Retief the Secretarybird project.

For this reason, as with the other 'special watch' species, more detailed information is required when recording these birds in order to collect detailed and specific information. We thus appeal to and encourage all atlasers and birders to please make additional notes when out atlasing or birding and to use the special watch reporting system on the SABAP2 website  to submit this information. Even if you list the species as part of a full-protocol card please also complete the 'special watch' section as this information is used by the respective project coordinators. Incidental records for these species should preferably be reported using the 'special watch' links, and not the incidental form, as these records will be incorporated into SABAP2 as incidental records. Note that you do not need to be a registered atlaser in order to submit 'special watch' records so please spread the word amongst your bird clubs or birding friends.

When making additional notes please bear the following in mind:

- Locality (GPS coordinates in decimal degrees preferred. A Google map is provided on the 'special watch' form to assist in finding the locality)
- Time of day
- No. of birds
- No. of adults/juveniles (if discernible)
- Activity (feeding/roosting/breeding)
- If breeding, could you see nest contents?
- Type of habitat/vegetation in which you recorded the birds
- Colour rings or wing tags (record the ring/tag number and which leg(s) the rings were on)
- Interesting behaviour
- Other observations you consider important

For more information about these research projects click on the links below:

- White-bellied Korhaan:
- Secretarybird:

Hope that many of you will be able to contribute to these important conservation initiatives.




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