Posted on the 24th January 2012

Hi to all

After nearly 18 months of constructive debate and discussion, I am happy to announce that the first version of the Avian Wind Farm Sensitivity map is now available on the BirdLife South Africa website. The relevant notes and documentation can be downloaded at

Please note that you will need programmes like WinZip and Google Earth to view some of the files. Let me know if you have any problems downloading the documents and I will make a plan to get them to you.

Please take note of the notes on the first page. Care should be taken as to how the map is interpreted and what it should be used for. You also need to study the supporting documentation in order to understand and interpret the map. Due to data limitations and lack of knowledge as to which species will be affected by wind farms, this work is very much a work in progress and this map should be considered as such. At no point can the map be used alone to reject or approve wind farm developments. We recommend that the pre- and post-monitoring protocols developed by the Wind and Energy Specialist Group should be used. They can be found at

For most people, the KMZ file would be of most value; and to view it you will need Google Earth. Please note that you can click on a block to view the sensitivity value and the data confidence factor. In the MSExcel files you will find the raw data used for this analyses (including the species considered for each block).

I want to thank all the people that have made contributions to this project, especially the member of the Wind and Energy Specialist Group and the Endangered Wildlife Trust who provided funding.

I also want to thank Michael Brooks and the ADU who provided us with the SABAP 1 and SABAP2 data. This project again shows the value of data contributed by citizen scientists.

If you have any comments on the document, and I am sure there will be many, please forward them to me to be considered for the next update of the map.

Thank you

Ernst Retief

Regional Conservation Manager

Gauteng and North West



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