Posted on the 17th December 2011

John Keyser, National Co-ordinator of International Coastal Cleanup for Plastics SA, is inviting members of BirdLife South Africa and of the birding community in general to report incidences of birds that have become entangled in various forms of plastic packaging. Please report any sightings to John - contact details below. Following on John's letter is a note regarding the function of Plastics SA.

During this year’s International Coastal Cleanup I was sent correspondence from some of your members that took part in the cleanups of their concern of some birds (especially water birds) being entangled in some form of plastic packaging. The entanglement of seabirds is well documented and I am monitoring this aspect of marine debris.

Would it be possible for Birdlife South Africa to ask their members to report any entanglement of birds that they sight due to plastic packaging. The reason for this is so that we can highlight the issue to the industry and general public.

Photographs would be appreciated as well as where the incident was monitored.

John Kieser
Environmental Manager [Coastal Provinces]
International Coastal Cleanup - National Coordinator

Phone +27 21 591 5512 fax +86 615 8308 mobile 073 775 8561



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