Posted on the 4th May 2011

Dear all,

Thought I would try to divert the attention from the developing and predictable discussion between pet owners and non pet owners to the good news that another tagged eagle has been re-sighted.

The full story with pictures is on my blog

As most of you know I fit patagial tags to young Black Eagle chicks while they are still on the nest.

I am making very slow progress with this because logistically this is tricky to manage with the long distances between nests, difficulty of access and the relatively small window of opportunity to do this at a time when the chick has not yet developed its flight instinct to danger.

So I have tagged 17 chicks so far and Abel is the third such tagged chick re-sighted. She is still within her first year. The previous two were into their third year already, therefore when one takes the high mortality of young eagles into account and also the reasonably remote areas they inhabit, my return thus far is very encouraging.

Kind regards,



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