Posted on the 25th May 2010

With all the talk about a massive decline in Raptors across Africa, I wondered if there are any raptors that seem to show an increase. Of course there is the urban spread of some raptors like Little Sparrowhawk and African Harrier-Hawk into the urban areas and others which have spread due to alien trees (Black Sparrowhawk).

But two other species which seem to have increased in the last decade are Honey-Buzzard and Pallid Harrier. I chatted to Les Underhill about the latter and the result is a news story on the SABAP2 which I think makes for fascinating debate. Take a look at the comparison between SABAP1 and SABAP2 data on the web-site - this seems to show an increase in the occurrence of Pallid Harrier in central SA. I'd be interested to hear what others think !

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